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;Getting PCBs Manufactured
;Getting PCBs Manufactured
: [[Final PCB Error Checklist]]
: [[Final PCB Error Checklist]]
: [[Exporting Gerber Files]]
: [[Releasing a Board for Manufacture]]
: [[Sending Designs to PCB Manufacturers and Assemblers]]

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Altium Designer (typically Altium) is a printed circuit board (PCB) design program, made by Altium Limited. Altium Ltd is a platinum-tier sponsor of SSI, having provided a number of licenses of Altium to SSI for the past two years.

Altium is well documented, and many questions can be readily answered through online searching - links from techdocs.altium.com are the official online documentation, and are usually quite helpful. The SlackLogo.png#altium  Slack channel is also a valuable resource for problems the TechDocs don't have a solution for, for asking about best practices, and for discussing group issues (ie. maintaining the SSI Altium part libraries). The intent of this wiki category is to provide guidance on how to set Altium up for working with SSI, important elements of the SSI PCB workflow, and general notes on PCB design.

Getting Started
How to Install and Configure Altium
Altium's "Getting Started" Tutorial
Using Altium
SSI PCB Workflow
Working with PCB Libraries
Making Parts for PCB Libraries
Tribal Altium Knowledge
Getting PCBs Manufactured
Final PCB Error Checklist
Releasing a Board for Manufacture