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End Station III is our home base. It's where we do almost all of our project work, and where we keep our stuff. It's also an active laboratory doing some pretty cool work. Here are some thoughts, tips and tricks about using it!


Where is ESIII

See the picture above! Or you can type "where pizza" to any slack channel to get an address.

How Can I Get Access to ESIII

Follow the instructions on the ESIII Access Guide! If you have any problems, please feel free to message the Workspace Managers (@Lawton Skaling and @Madeleine Butterfly).

What are the rules in ESIII

There are a couple things to keep in mind while you're in ESIII.

  1. Please swipe in when you enter, even if someone else is holding the door for you. We're required to get a sense of who's in the building in case of emergency!
  2. *Do not enter ESIII alone.* It's an active laboratory. If you need a buddy, hit up #random in the slack - people are always willing to head over!
  3. Don't park bikes inside, please; it blocks stuff.
  4. You can open the loading dock door - but don't open it for long (it messes up sensitive experiments), and don't leave it open (so people don't steal our stuff).
  5. Don't use the door near Green Earth Sciences - use the one on South Service Road instead.
  6. Although it's tempting, please don't actually sleep in ESIII.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Check out the #doorbell channel to see if people are in ESIII if you're unsure!
  2. There are some cool easter eggs and historical moments hidden all around - check things out while you're there!
  3. We have access to the break room - it's a lovely spot to do PSETs with people.
  4. ISS stands for Industrial Subterranean Space, but it's the closest we have (so far!) to our own International Space Station. Each room is named after a capsule of the ISS - Unity (Mechanical Engineering), Harmony (Electrical Engineering), Tranquility (Meeting Room), Destiny (Storage), and Zarya (General Use, 3D Printers and Desktop). The two storage spaces on the floor are named after capsules that meet the ISS - Dragon and Cygnus.