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SSI Overload

So you've joined [1] Slack, maybe gone to a meeting or two, but you're not sure what you can do or what there even is to do with so many teams swirling around? Well you've come to right place! Below are all the projects each team is working on, what skills they utilize or where they're especially looking for help, and who you can contact to jump in! Think of this like a jobs listing page except that the jobs are always available and you apply by poking the person of contact and saying you want the job -- and it's probably yours.

As you can see from the length of this list, there will always be more SSI to do than you will have hours in a day, week, month, or year -- don't feel pressured to overextend yourself! If you have questions, are feeling overwhelmed, or just want to chat with someone, don't hesitate to reach out to a leadership member. SSI exists for, and because of, its members (that's you.) Your sanity, health, and overall well-being always come first.





Competition (IREC/SA Cup)

  • Structures
  • Payload
  • Recovery
  • Avionics
    • Avionics Bay Hardware & Software: Responsible for selecting parts (sensors, microcontrollers, connectors, etc), designing and validating circuit boards, programming everything, working with RF for testing, and making sure we have reliable, redundant flight computers that will trigger recovery separation events and send data back to the ground. Skills: EE, CS; Lead: Sharon SlackLogo.png@{{{display-name}}} 
    • Avionics Bay Structures & Integration: Responsible for design and manufacturing of structures for avionics bay; working with HW/SW for PCB interfaces and connections; working with Recovery for interfaces and connections; working with Structures and Systems for overall design, rocket placement, and integration processes. Skills: ME, Good organization & communications skills; Lead: Julea SlackLogo.png@{{{display-name}}} 
    • Avionics Radio (RF) Communications: Responsible for designing and testing radio communications system for rocket to talk to the ground including: radio and antenna selection; link budget creation; ground testing (on & off campus); working with HW/SW and Ground Station for interfaces. Skills: EE; Lead: Sharon SlackLogo.png@{{{display-name}}} 
    • Avionics Ground Station: Responsible for writing software to parse and visualize data; working with RF to coordinate ground radios and antennas; designing & building protective case to make sure laptops & other electronics don't die in the blazing desert heat and dust. Skills: ME, CS; Lead: WANTED
  • Launch Operations: Responsible for working with each subteam to coordinate and prepare launch materials; planning & executing travel and launch logistics; overseeing launch procedures, checklists, and go/no calls. Additional projects for ground support designable around personal interests. Skills: Organization, Willingness to just jump in; Lead: WANTED
  • Simulations







Diversity & Inclusion

Education & Outreach


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