Gen 1 Architecture

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Gen 1 Architecture
Part of the HABEES series
Chief Designer Kirill Safin
Technology Line Balloons Core Architecture
Version Generation I
HONEY Standards Venom Breakout Fang Breakout Board Naming
Core Architecture
Gen 1 Architecture HONEY
Core Avionics
Oscar Cookie Monster Elmo The Count
Core Power
Apple Turnover Biscuit
Core Peripherals
Medusa Cobra Viper QueenBee ProtoBee
Core Radio
Test & Prototype
Making a HONEY Board Using STINGR Using QueenBee Making a Prototype

The Balloons Gen 1 Architecture was the first attempt within the Balloons Team at standardizing the form factor & electrical standards for standard-profile balloon avionics, power, and control systems. The architecture was introduced in Spring of 2016, and lasted until Spring of 2017, when it was replaced by HONEY, the Gen 2 Architecture.

The first-ever architecture had two primary components -- the physical form factor, as well as the electrical standards. These will both be addressed individually.