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Hello! There are a few things you need to do if you'd like to have full access to SSI's resources as a member.

Becoming an official member

  1. Pay dues ($10) to one of our financial officers - Evan Long or Nate Simon can accept the dues.
  2. In order to allow you access to our workspace, Mission Control, you need to do the following things:
    1. Log into AXESS and click "STARS" at the top
    2. Using either the "All Learning" list, or the Search Catalog, complete the following three safety trainings: EHS-4200: General Safety, Injury Prevention (IIPP), and Emergency Preparedness, EHS-1900: Chemical Safety for Laboratories, and EHS-2200: Compressed Gas Safety.
    3. Some time after completion, you will receive an email for each of these (can take up to 24 hours) certifying your completion. Save each e-mail as a PDF, or, less preferably, screenshot it. This PDF or screenshot must have your name on it. Talk to Austin Pineault if you have questions about EH&S training.
    4. Sign into the internal site and under EH&S Safety Training, upload PDFs or screenshots proving your completion of the safety trainings.
    5. Attend a safety tour of MC. Sign up for a slot on this form. (Or ask Elizabeth Hillstrom or John Dean for details.)
  3. Fill out this form so we can add you to our official roster!


Here are some resources that will get you up to speed and on the same page with us:

SSI Calendar

Home to all of our events across all our teams

The Wiki

This wiki is a great place to find guides, overviews, and generally useful documentation on SSI projects. Many of the most current plans and docs are in the drive though.

SSI Drive

The drive contains a lot of important documentation for each team. We are trying to put more emphasis on using the wiki as a place for longer-term knowledge storage.


Slack is the lifeblood of SSI. It is a messaging client that allows everyone within SSI to communicate. There are general channels (like SlackLogo.png#rockets ), which allow us to push out general updates to everyone interested in the rockets team and direct messages which allows one to one or smaller group communication. Notifications are pushed directly to your phone/computer/anything that has internet so that way we can infringe on all of your free time!

Join the SSI Slack here.

All The Mailing Lists

Mission Control

Mission Control can be considered the temple to SSI’s religion, the hub, nerve center, or kernel of all project activity. Located in Durand 390, Mission Control houses work sessions and project storage. Note: keycode access is required to the room. For specific questions, contact MC Hammer: Austin Pineault. Meetings or work sessions can also be conducted in the conference room, Durand 393 (often available), or Durand 450 (with prior reservation through AA Department Office on the second floor of Durand).