List of SVN Repositories

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Repo Name + Link Contents Notifications In
TortoiseLogo.gif altium-core Core files for using Altium, including part libraries, templates, and examples SlackLogo.png#altium 
TortoiseLogo.gif balloons-altium Non-ValBal Balloons PCB projects SlackLogo.png#balloons-habees SlackLogo.png#balloons-balloonerang 
TortoiseLogo.gif valbal ValBal PCB, mechanical design, and simulation files SlackLogo.png#balloons-vb-ee SlackLogo.png#balloons-vb-me 
TortoiseLogo.gif biology-altium Biology PCB projects
TortoiseLogo.gif rockets-altium Rockets PCB projects SlackLogo.png#rockets-avionics 
TortoiseLogo.gif rockets-irec Rockets IREC simulation and analysis files SlackLogo.png#rockets-irec 
TortoiseLogo.gif rockets-prop Rockets engine design and simulation files SlackLogo.png#rockets-helios 
TortoiseLogo.gif satellites-altium Satellites PCB projects
TortoiseLogo.gif spaceshot Spaceshot files SlackLogo.png#spaceshot-avionics 
TortoiseLogo.gif satellites-pointr Optical and optoEE simulation files for the POINTR mission
TortoiseLogo.gif raccoonworks-iceradar Radioglaciology PCB projects
TortoiseLogo.gif raccoonworks-s6b Radio transceiver projects SlackLogo.png#raccoonworks-rf