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{{:Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI)}}
{{:Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI)}}
Check out [[How to Join SSI]] for more information.
''' Check out [[How to Join SSI]] for more information. '''

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SSI Teams

The Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI) is a completely student-run organization founded in 2013 with the mission of giving future leaders of the space industry the hands-on experience and broader insight they need to realize the next era of space development.

SSI is the largest project-based group on campus. We’re the gathering place for people who want to act on their interests in space. Since 2013, we’ve flown a zero gravity experiment with NASA, helped build multiple CubeSats, inspired 60 teams in 20 countries to launch high altitude balloons, certified over 30 students for high powered rocketry, hosted over 100 speakers at talks and conferences, been featured in media like Popular Science, and helped our members intern and work at top aerospace companies and organizations.

Over the next year, our teams will launch a suite of rockets designed to test novel rocketry technologies and defend our win at last year's Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition, finish and launch the first satellite of our own, continue to send high altitude balloons across the country and beyond, develop the first in-space DNA synthesizer, teach the third edition of our space policy class, and organize speaker events and workshops with industry leaders.

We invite you to join us. Check out How to Join SSI for more information.