Build An Awesome Foundation of Knowledge

NASA Beginner's Guide to Rockets

NASA Beginner’s Guide to Aerodynamics

NASA Beginner’s Guide to Compressible Aerodynamics

NASA Beginner’s Guide to Propulsion

Learn About Space Shuttles/NASA Projects

Space Shuttle Reference

The Space Shuttle Decision

Space Shuttle

Project Orion

Project Mercury

Project Gemini

Learn About Rockets/HPR In General

OpenRocket Tech Documentation

Modern High Power Rocketry 2

HPR Basics by NAR

Get your L1 Cert

Learn About Controls

A Brief Introduction

Another Brief Introduction ft. Comic Sans

A Non Math-y Introduction to PID Control

An Awesome playlist of YouTube videos

Learn About Kalman Filtering & Sensor Fusion


Kalman Filtering Explained with Pictures

Read about Joan & Rebecca killing brain cells learning (or attempting to learn) this stuff

More info on how it works

Using a RasPi

Using an Arduino

CalPoly paper, using Arduinos

Multi-sensor fusion with asynchronous readings (provides a generic and powerful solution)

Paper on Integration of IMUs & GPS

Long, but well written intro to multi sensor fusion and Kalman filtering

relatively simple filter used for altitude determination of high powered rockets, made to be computationally simple for dumb processors


The Kalman filter is linear quadratic estimator. We assume the system is linear, which should be good enough for our purposes. For non linear systems, do an extended Kalman filter. However, this takes much more computational resources and is much more unstable.

A basic diagram of how this estimator works:

Other Resources

Learn About Aero/Wings

Chris’s slides


Learn About Physics

Trajectory Calculations

Forces on a Rocket

Learn About Solid Mechanics

Chris’s slides

ME80 textbook

Learn About Thermodynamics/Heat Transfer

Chris’s slides

ME131A texbook

Learn About Fluid Dynamics

Simple Bernoulli (low speed)

Compressible Flow (high speed)

ME70/131B textbook

Transonic Flight

Learn About Stability

Barrowman Report

Compilation of Links on Stability

Learn About Orbital Mechanics

Intro to Orbital Mechanics

AA279A Lecture Notes

Learn About Fins

Fins & Stability

Easy to Digest Info From Apogee Rocketry

Design & Construction Specifically for Low Power

Learn About Reefing

People making their own reefing system

People discussing cable cutters

Aerocon Cable Cutters

Learn About Radio Tracking

Overview of Different Forms of Trackers

Spreadsheet Comparison of Radio Trackers (see the Radio Tracking tab)

Cram for An Amateur Ham Radio License

No Nonsense Guide to Earning Your Technician License (read this if you have the time)

Flashcards to Cram The Night Before (use these if you don’t have the time)

ARRL Lookup When/Where Exams Are Held

Use OpenRocket

Guide to Getting Started with OpenRocket

Use LaTeX

A Brief Introduction

A Not So Short Introduction

LaTeX For Your Computer If You're So Inclined (but really you should be using OverLeaf)

LaTeX Reference Sheet If Your Memory Sucks (not perfect, but good for basic things)

Learn How To Do Pretty Much Anything You’d Like In LaTeX

Learn How To Do Pretty Much Anything You’d Like In LaTeX #2

Convert LaTeX to Mediawiki

Pandoc is a wonderful tool that can convert a file to a different markup format. We use it to convert rocket PDRs from LaTeX to wiki articles.

Run CFD Simulations

Learn more about SSI's CFD Workflow

How to install Solidworks on your computer

More about our (potential) sponsor

How to install SU2 on Corn