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This website probably doesn't use cookies, but if it does, you're consenting to their use by being here. So, sorry about that.

It probably also doesn't have any tracking or malware or similar crap, but again, if it does, I guess you're consenting to that too.

We'll do our best not to sell your personal information, but we're fundamentally imperfect human beings and sometimes things happen. I will personally promise to sell your information exclusively to marketers of launch opportunities and/or spam filter browser plugins.

In keeping with precedent established by the iTunes terms and conditions, this website may not be used in the development of nuclear weapons. That doesn't really pertain to privacy, but this seems like a decent place to put it anyways. So, if you're looking at this in an Iranian centrifuge facility, be aware: one of our paralegals is coming to you right now to close your browser. An Apple agent will follow shortly to turn off your Adele.

But yeah. Please don't sue us.