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The Argus team is one of the 2017-18 Daedalus Projects focused on designing a rocket dedicated to developing a wirelessly-activated camera network and live video telemetry.

Launch 1 - Pending
Launch date Pending
Launch site Pending
Launch 2 - Pending
Launch date Pending
Launch site Pending
Launch 3 - Pending
Launch date Pending
Launch site Pending
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Team Summary

  • Person 1 - Team Lead?
  • Person 2 - Structures Lead
  • Person 3 - etc etc

Launch Vehicle and Payload Summary

  • Expected Apogee: xx ft
  • Payload: xx

Vehicle Criteria

Mission Success Criteria


The mission will be considered successful if the recovered rocket would be able to pass a L3 certification inspection. This means that if the rocket experiences excessive damage to the point that it could not be re-flown that day with a reloaded motor, then the recovery system will have failed. Another criteria is that the rocket will have landed within a 300ft radius of its original target landing space.



  1. Tripoli height ceiling of 16,800 ft
  2. Rocket construction to be made using a “minimum of metallic parts” excepting those necessary for airframe integrity
  3. Motor impulse to not exceed 10,240 N-s
  4. Redundant avionics, wiring, and safe arm systems
  5. Automated program for descent path
  6. Manual back up control system for descent path
  7. Back up recovery system consisting of main parachute
  8. Vertical descent speed of 20 ft/s maximum upon landing
  9. Budget

Manufacturing and Assembly

What are you making the rocket out of? What manufacturing processes? Who has oversight over assembly? What considerations are affecting your choices for materials, processes, workflow?

Systems Integration and Testing

Major Event Timetable

Date Event Objectives
Soon PDR Full CAD, prototyped xyz
Someday Launch 1 Expected apogee: some# ft; x # of things do these things

Risk Management

Safety Hazards


Risk Likelihood Consequence Mitigation
Ematches don't ignite Medium High - No separation event; descent at terminal velocity Redundant ematch events on heterogeneous altimeter systems
Parachute tangles High Medium - descent > recommended 20 ft/sec Extensive ground testing; procedural method for packing parachutes according to best practices

Budget Risks


Risk Likelihood Mitigation
Overspend on machining parts Medium Measure thrice, cut once; MATH
Unknown motor choices High Allocate x% margin for motor purchases for x test flights