How to Build a Firestorm

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What’s In The Bag (or should be)

External Structure\ Bodytubes (one of each) [36”, 24”] or [34”, 26”], 54mm ID Nosecone, 54mm OD Fin can, 54mm ID Slimline motor retainer, 54mm ID Rail guides (pack of two)

Recovery 4 quicklinks (2 for L1 cert) 2 KEVLAR presewn shock cords (1 for L1) 2 KEVLAR parachute coverings (1 for L1) 18” chute (not included for L1) 36” chute Hardpoint, 54mm OD

Avionics Bay 6.25” coupler (4” coupler for L1), 54mm OD 2 bulkheads for 54mm body tube (1 for L1) 3 eyebolts ¼ x 20 (1 for L1) 5 washers ¼” (1 for L1) 8 hex nuts (1 for L1) Brass tube ¼” ID Fiberglass mounting board 2 charge wells 2 electric matches altimeter 9V battery

Supplies Parts List · Popsicle stick(s) · Paper plate(s) · JB Weld · 30-minute epoxy (referred to as epoxy) . long dowel 20-30in length, ~1cm diameter (preferably rounded) . string (4-5ft) for threading the shock cord through u-bolt . sandpaper (100 grit) . thread glue . blue masking tape (used to increase diameters of cylinders) . drill + ¼” + ⅛” bits . sharpie . measuring tools (yard/meter stick, flexible measuring tape)


. DMS - disposable motor system . RMS - reusable motor system . Launch rails/ rail guides - ¼” aluminum extrusions to keep rocket straight on liftoff . DD - dual deployment (two parachutes) . SD - single deploy (one parachute) . 54 - 54mm is the diameter of the rocket . Forward - this way to space . Aft - this way to land

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

. Gloves (for epoxy) . Eye protection (for drilling)

Designing Intelligently

Try to think of the design principles behind your rocket. Blindly building this will not accomplish much of anything. Question every design decision and try to improve on it – this is not set in stone. This document will ask you important questions before each section. Please try to answer and understand each one before moving on. L1 Certifications Considerations. What is needed for an L1 cert.? No electronics, etc. L2 Certifications Considerations. What is needed for an L2 cert.? How does this change your design?

GrabCAD and OpenRocket

   Ian has created a Solidworks model of the Firestorm DD and uploaded it to GrabCAD, email if you would like access to it. Rebecca has created an OpenRocket model of a DD and non-DD version of the Firestorm, which should be in this folder.* [EDIT HERE]
  • You should be able to do this on your own after the first workshop.

A Cross Section of an L1-Ready Rocket (not drawn to scale) [EDIT HERE]