How to Run a SSI Workshop

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  1. Determine topic/skill to be taught/improved
  2. Get approved by with Education and Outreach Coordinator
  3. Decide between series or one-time, preference towards one-time
  4. Establish Structure of Workshop
    1. Will people work in groups?
    2. Will you have a helper?
    3. Common structure for hands-on workshop:
      1. introduce topic
      2. introduce workshop goal
      3. quick “lesson” for about ¼ total workshop time
      4. Let people work for rest of time, be sure to guide them along and answer questions
    4. If there are safety concerns, address them - I will make sure they are.
  5. Establish Purpose and Audience Goals
    1. Are attendees coming to learn a fundamental skill, improve on a skill, explore an advanced topic, get hyped about something, etc…
  6. Check in with Education and Outreach Coordinator (4 and 5 combined = lesson plan)
  7. Estimate Attendance
    1. Recommended: send out interest email
      1. Optional: ask date/time that works for most (have options)
      2. If will have to buy items, make sure you do this step early enough so you know how much to get in step 8 (account for shipping time)
  8. Select materials and make a budget
  9. Check in with Education and Outreach Coordinator
  10. After approval, order materials
  11. Pick Location
    1. Will you need a special environment? etc…
  12. Reserve location
  13. Send out email with final date/time location.
    1. This should be done at least 3 days in advance
    2. optional: get headcount of who can make it
      1. (Likely to be less than those who say can make it)
  14. Prepare for hosting the workshop
    1. Recommended: Run over your plan with Education and Outreach Coordinator as if it were real at least a day before
  15. Host the workshop
  16. Let me know how it went
    1. Get feedback from people who attended the workshop

Try and get the media person to videotape if possible