Making Parts for PCB Libraries

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This is a guide

Welcome! This article is intended to guide you through an SSI process. While its authors have made efforts to make it useful, if you have questions, please ask the authors on Slack. They will be able to both help you and improve this resource for future SSI-ers.

This article was written by SlackLogo.png@Sasha Maldonado .


Altium 20 introduced a major change to the way libraries are managed. All of our libraries now live in the cloud, and there are no files on your computer associated with the libraries. You can still read this page, but it's an artifact at this point, so don't take it as truth. We are working on updating the Wiki, but for now ask in SlackLogo.png#altium  if you have trouble making parts in the library, or want help.

TODO: Write the Guide!