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Non-team specific Channels

While SSI consists of 6 distinct teams, a large number of channels are general to all SSI members. These channels are great for cross-ssi discussions.

General Channels

  • #general - typically for general SSI-wide announcements
  • #random - for things you want to share with SSI that doesn’t belong in any other channels
  • #dankmemes - pretty self explanatory. Try typing "/dank" in the channel.
  • #spacenews - to talk about the current state of space affairs
  • #ssipac - politics
  • #best-of-slack - compilation of the best moments on SSI slack
  • #welcome-to-ssi - channel to welcome new members and answer any questions
  • #diverssity - A place to speak about relavant issues
  • #women - A place for women and gender minorities to speak about relavant issues and bond and stuff
  • #new-frosh - for the new frosh to speak among each other about young people problems

Fun channels

  • #ssi-finds-a-path - DnD roleplaying
  • #ssi-does-exercise - ssi desperately attempts to stay fit
  • #ssi-makes-stuff - a channel to discuss non ssi related personal projects
  • #ssiplacesblocks - ssi’s minecraft group
  • #ssi-plays-video-games - video games in general, played together.
  • #ssi-jams - ssi makes melodic noises

Non team-specific Engineering Channels

Interteam collaboration on a technical projects. Why is it called raccoonworks? Ask someone, there's a story.

  • #raccoonworks-eecs - to talk about and get help with random EE or CS related things
  • #raccoonworks-me - to talk about and get help with random ME related things
  • #prak-ssi

Class Channels

Want to collaborate on a classes with other SSI members? We make channels for classes in the format: #ssitakes[course#]. Ex:

  • #ssitakesme203
  • #ssitakescs106b

Team Channels

Each team has a general announcements channel of the format: #[teamname] (ex #rockets) where general team wide discussion and announcements will be made. Sub-projects, and often subsystems of subprojects will be in their own channels. This is usually where the engineering takes place!


  • #rockets
  • #rockets-olympus- our largest project each year. We're building a liquid rocket for the world's biggest rocket competition.
  • #rockets-pheonix - an experimental staging system rocket for the FAR1030 competition.
  • #rockets-themisto- learn how a rocket works for the first time!
  • #rockets-iocaste- learn how a rocket works for the first time!


  • #balloons
  • #balloons-cycloon - fly into hurricanes!
  • #balloons-baloonarang - get your balloon to come back!
  • #mission-control - SSI's mission control software



  • #biology - general Biology channel.
  • #biology-backspace - biology experiments.
  • #biology-device - biology EE/CS for moving fluids around.


  • #operations - running SSI.
  • #operations-community - making SSI fun to be at.
  • #operations-diverssity - making SSI welcoming to everyone.
  • #operations-marketing - making SSI look pretty.


  • #policy - doing the podcast, articles, and lobbying
  • #policy-twis - planning our podcast, This Week in Space


  • #mars- designing Mars colonization technology