Uploading Content to the SSI YouTube

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This is a guide

Welcome! This article is intended to guide you through an SSI process. While its authors have made efforts to make it useful, if you have questions, please ask the authors on Slack. They will be able to both help you and improve this resource for future SSI-ers.

This article was written by Rohan Sanda (SlackLogo.png@Rohan Sanda ).

Do you have awesome footage from launches sitting around in your Google Drive? Is the CAD workshop you recorded lost in a Slack thread? SSI's YouTube Channel is the perfect place to put relevant SSI materials so they are easily accessible to the entire SSI community! Keep reading to learn how to upload your content to the SSI YouTube.

To post, or not to post?

Before jumping ahead to the next section, it is worthwhile to think about whether your content is ready to be posted yet. You may have heard that the average human attention span has fallen to just eight seconds, so it's important to make sure that your content is well edited. Below are some things to consider before proceeding to submit an upload request.

  • How long is your video?
    • If your video is long, consider splitting the recording up into sections. You can then upload your content as a series, so that viewers can pick what sections they want to see.
  • How accessible is your video?
    • Consider adding captions to your video if possible. Checkout YouTube's auto-captioning software, or write out the captions yourself, to ensure that your content is as accessible as possible.
  • Copyrights
    • Make sure that your content does not have any copyrights or other distribution restrictions. If you are posting a recording of a live workshop, make sure to check with participants before posting the video to YouTube.
  • Relevance
    • Make sure the content is relevant and appropriate for SSI!

How to submit an upload request

Once you have a local file of your edited content, you are ready to submit an upload request to the SSI Operations Team. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the SSI Shared Drive and find the YouTube Uploads folder (Stanford SSI/Teams/Operations/Outreach/YouTube Uploads).
  2. Make a new subfolder and title it something related to your content. Put your recording file into this folder.
    • If your video is part of a series, you can add subsequent recordings to your existing folder.
  3. Fill out the following Google form (accessible only through your Stanford credentials) to submit a request.
    • Be sure to carefully follow the additional instructions on the form.
  4. After you submit your Google form, a copy of your responses are automatically sent to the #youtube channel in Slack. Members of the Operations Team will upload your content shortly after receiving the message. Feel free to join the #youtube channel if you have any further questions!

And that's it! Your content will soon show up on the YouTube Channel for the world to enjoy.