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SSI Bio's wetlab access procedures! Please complete all required trainings and submit confirmation to the internal SSI website before your first time in lab.

SSI Membership

In order to get clearance for the Uytengsu Teaching Lab (Shriram 114), you need to have SSI membership and do the usual process as well. Check out: How to Join SSI. Once you've joined SSI, read on!

Biology STARS Training on Axess

In addition to your STARS trainings for SSI General Membership, you will also need to complete:

EHS-1500 Biosafety

Submit a PDF or screenshot of your STARS training confirmation email to the internal site, making sure that your name can be seen in the screenshot.

Lab Safety Forms & Orientation

Complete the Lab Safety Form, read the Wet Lab Policy, and complete a Lab Safety Orientation - discussed on SSI's Slack (or contact Bio Team Co-Leads). Once confirmed on our side, you should be cleared for access.

Lab Policy

Map to our lab space (circled in red).

The Uytengsu Teaching Lab operates on a buddy system, so make sure you have at least one other person with you at all times in lab. Every time you enter the lab, be sure to sign in on the UTL sign-in form and check in with the lifeguard (usually a BioE or ChemE grad student) on duty. SSI students have permission to work in the Uytengsu Teaching Lab without a lifeguard present as long as there is a safety officer (usually a Bio team co-lead) with you. Current SSI safety officers are Alan Tomusiak and Cynthia Hao, and SSI experiments are typically Thursdays from 7:30-10:00. You must still sign in if there is no lifeguard. Lab coats must be worn at all times in lab. Please leave your food and drink outside on the carts, and put your personal belongings in the lab cubbies for the duration of your work.

After your lab work is done, please clean up all materials you used, put reagents back in the proper places, and sign out of lab using the UTL sign-out form before leaving.

Becoming a Safety Officer

Undergraduate SSI members are eligible to become safety officers once they have taken at least one class in the Uytengsu Teaching Lab space, been given a safety orientation by the lab manager Mong Saetern, and gotten a form filled out and signed by our advisor Drew Endy. Courses offered include BIOE 44 in autumn and spring quarters, and BIOE 80 in spring. Safety officers will receive key card access to Shriram and the Uytengsu Teaching Lab from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, and are responsible for the safety of other SSI members working in the lab. At least one safety officer must be present at all times when SSI members are working in the lab.