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SSI's Slack is the lifeblood of the organization. Everything happens there and it's critical to every project. Because of that, it's also kind of inherently messy. But don't dispair - with this page, you'll soon be navigating Slack like a pro!

Getting onto SSI's Workspace

Get on our slack here: here

You can acquire the app here: [1] for desktop or on your app store of choice.

Signing up for channels

Check out Slack Directory for some cool channels to check out, or just explore around. Whether you're trying to join mainline projects or just hanging out, there's a lot going on to check out!

Manage Notifications

As we've said, there's a lot of slack. To make sure that you're getting all the info you want to get, it's also good to filter the info you don't care about. Notification settings can be really handy, and you can see some of them here: [2]

Tips and Tricks

Our slack is ... exciting. Check out some fun features!

  1. Want to say something but nervous about it? Type /anon <Name of a channel> <Message> to post anonymously!
  2. Want to check if someone's in ESIII? Go to #doorbell. Then, if you type /doorbell - well, you'll have to be down there to hear it.
  3. Someone did something really cool? Try typing "/praise @name". Someone messed up? Try /admonish!
  4. Go to the #dankmemes channel. Type /dank. Receive amusement.
  5. Check out the #3dprinter-status channel, which live updates with what SSI's 3D printers are up to!
  6. Press ctrl-k to jump to any channel. This one is a HUGE timesaver.
  7. Our slack loading messages contain a top list of best SSI quotes! Check them out sometime, or add your own in the Customize Slack menu!
  8. Ask around! There are some fun easter eggs hiding all over the place ...