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Designations UV-2, Sol-2, X-2
Launch date February 13, 2016 11:16:34
Launch site Laird Park, Modesto, CA
Launch coordinates 37.56158, -121.14993
Flight duration 3:14:58
Landing coordinates 37.13002, -120.55377
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SSI-30 was the 30th launch of the SSI Balloons team and the second launch for the experimental payloads of Project UV, Project Sol, and Project X. It flew 71.30 kilometers over a course of 3 hours, reaching an altitude of 23.59581 Kilometers before landing. It was a complete success, querying ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B concentrations in correlation with altitude, and the concentrations of specific gasses at different altitudes, this time with amplified analog values, and implementing dynamic solar tracking and current data logging, in addition to powering heaters and capturing visuals with a camera.


The team

SSI-30 was part of a combined experimental balloon launch with Project UV, Project Sol, and Project X designed to provide preliminary data for these research projects.

Payload Specifications

The Teensy electronics

This payload utilized a Teensy3.2, operational amplifiers, a DC motor, and an H bridge. The teensy measured time, altitude, UV(A) & UV(B) in watts/cm^2, solar luminosity and generated current and voltage, and gas concentrations of Hydrogen, Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, and particulate matter. It was also capable of self regulating its temperature, and writing data to an SD card.

Launch site

The launch site

SSI-30 was launched from a park near Modesto, CA at 11:16AM. The team left campus at 5:30AM, had to correct the current sensor wiring on site, and returned to campus at 11:00AM.

The Flight

23Km view
Ground track

SSI-30 was outfitted with a balloon with about .5 net Kg of lift. Due to unforeseen circumstances SSI-29 was also attached to the same balloon. In addition, due to changing winds, the balloon changed direction, lowering the net linear ground track, traveling 71 Kilometers.


SSI-30 was a success and fulfilled all of the initial goals set out by the team.

  • Successful data collection and logging of Project UV data
  • Successful data collection and logging of Project Sol data
  • Successful data collection and logging of Project X data
  • Successful implementation of a heater control mechanism
  • Successful capture of arial footage
  • Successful landing and recovery


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