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SSI-46 (Artemis)
Launch date 10/22/2016
Launch site 2093 San Juan Drive, Hollister, CA
Launch coordinates 36.8484, -121.4323
Flight duration 110 minutes
Landing coordinates 37.4141, -120.5104
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SSI-46 was the 46th launch of the SSI Balloons team and the first launch for the Artemis team's on-boarding project.


SSI-46 was part of a combined balloon launch with SSI-44 and SSI-45 designed as an on-boarding project for new balloon team members.

Payload Specifications

This payload utilized an Arduino Mega and was connected to sensors measuring altitude, inside temperature, outside temperature, and GPS location. It was also capable of self regulating its temperature, reporting its measurements via the Iridium Satellite constellation, and writing data to an SD card.

Notable Additions

Payload included a SSI-decorated Barbie toy set, making it (almost certainly) the first "Space Unicorn" and "Space Barbie"

Launch site

SSI-46 was launched from a park near 2093 San Juan Drive, Hollister, CA. The team left campus at 5:30AM, and had little difficulty recovering the payload, which landed conveniently next to a highway.


SSI-46 was a success and fulfilled all of the initial goals set out by the team.

  • Successful data collection and logging
  • Successful implementation of a heater control mechanism
  • Successful landing and recovery
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