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Operations is the place in SSI to learn professional skills and connect to the wider aerospace community. The skills you’ll learn are so diverse -- from graphic design to how to get a sponsorship -- that they’re near impossible to summarize. Space is so much more than just the technology, and Operations where it all happens. If you want to know how to manage a group of 200 members with a six figure budget, make space art to decorate our workspace, or get connected to the top of the space industry, Operations is the place for you.

Space would hardly be possible without the people behind the hardware, getting sponsorships, building community, and talking to CEOs and Venture Capitalists across the industry. We’ve brought in speakers like Charlie Bolden, the then-administrator of NASA, and Gwynne Shotwell, the President of SpaceX. We have a half dozen different efforts that form the backbone of SSI. Feel free to reach out if you want to get involved! The current team lead is

SlackLogo.png@Lawton Skaling 

Public Relations

Public relations connects SSI to the space community, Stanford campus, and people around the world! They manage our social media presence, keep connected with alumni, and help create content to share across the university.

Sponsor relations keeps connected to our partners and sponsors, including Boeing, Autodesk, and Stanford. They also seek out new sponsors, and are the point of contact for companies looking to support our club.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

We want space to be the most welcoming community possible, and that starts with SSI. The DEI team runs a quarterly leadership workshop, hosts talks, connects with engineering diversity organizations, and works to make SSI a space for everyone. Look out for self-care and movie nights and exciting speakers discussing equity and representation in aerospace.


Onboarding focuses on us that, bringing in the future leaders in space! They organize events at the start of each quarter, create and distribute posters talking about our club, and are a point of contact for people interested in getting involved.

Financial Officers

The FOs should really be called the wolves of wall-ssi, because they focus on managing the six-figure budget, handling reimbursements, and interfacing with Stanford administrators.


Workspace manages the 60-foot-tall underground bunker we call home. That means running a machine shop, planting herbs, and painting space-themed murals across our cavernous space.


At the core of any team is the people, and in the events group you’ll help welcome and foster connections between people from all walks of life. By organizing events like special dinners, watergun fights, and spring retreat, you will help make SSI more than just a group of talented engineers, but rather (in the words of one of our members) “the best family one could ask for.”


Space can be dangerous! Whether it’s working with dry ice, using power tools, keeping our workspace compliant, or standing far, far, away from rockets at launches, Safety comes up with procedures that keep us from getting injured doing what we love.


If you want to explore the bowels of SSI on a deep, deep level, then SSIT is for you. Keeping our Wiki and website running and managing all of SSI’s technology is no easy task, but it’s critical for helping the club function.